An online gym class? No sweat

By Mike Hixenbaugh
The Virginian-Pilot
August 14, 2011


When School Board Chairman Dan Edwards told me the division was offering physical education courses online, I rolled my eyes. An online gym class? Have our fitness standards fallen so far that surfing the Internet is now considered exercise?

Edwards said the course could be rigorous, but it sounded to me like a free pass for undersized, unathletic, wimpy kids. Without a proper high school gym class, how would these students learn they were meant to be journalists and not basketball players?

I expressed my doubts to administrators, and a week later, school officials challenged me to enroll in the class, which equips students with heart rate monitors and computerized wristwatches to track daily workouts. I agreed, but not before consulting a couple of students who had been through the virtual program.

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