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  • Beer, rebornFeb. 12, 2013, Distinction Magazine — Two decades before the craft beer explosion swept Hampton Roads, one of the nation’s most celebrated microbrews flowed from old dairy tanks in a tiny plant off London Bridge Road. The award-winning brewery was shuttered withing a few years. “We were brewing a dark, malty beer in a strictly Budweiser kind of town.”
  • The atypical, unpredictable BisonMay 13, 2012, Distinction Magazine — This doesn’t feel like an interview with a wildly popular indie folk band on the verge of a major record deal. I should be sitting in a sleek downtown condo sipping imported craft beer and asking cliché questions. I shouldn’t be riding through the countryside folded inside a rusting farm implement. Then again, Bison is anything but typical.
  • A jet fell from the sky, he was redeemed, April 29, 2012, The Virginian-Pilot — An apartment maintenance man was thrust into an unlikely role after a malfunctioning Navy fighter jet slammed into his complex. Top officials would later declare him a hero. It’s a safe bet those words wouldn’t have been spoken a decade ago. Not by dignitaries. Not about this man.
  • This Middle School Life, Jan. 15, 2012, The Virginian-Pilot — Teachers in Virginia encouraged their students to record This American Life -style podcasts. Together, the stories open a rare window into a sometimes painful, usually confusing, always awkward world, where students are dying to be noticed, but most would do anything not to stand out.



  • Inauguration helps reconcile ‘old hatreds’ • January 23, 2009, Rocky Mount Telegram, A short train ride across the Potomac with a former Southern racist put the election of Barack Obama in proper perspective for this young journalist.
  • An online gym class? No sweatAug. 14, 2011, The Virginian-Pilot, I expressed my doubts about the online physical education course. School officials challenged me to enroll. Here’s how not to cheat.



  • Running 26.2 miles without training The Buchtelite • Oct. 3, 2006, Some said I was crazy, others just thought I was dumb. Regardless, running an entire marathon with little physical ability and practically no training made for one of the most talked about stories I’ve written. Thinking about it makes my legs sore.

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